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A home of hope

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PMC story

Jade woke up on the couch in her living room and sat up. She rubbed her eyes and saw her mom cleaning up the house. "Hey mother, I asked Jade to come over and play today. Can you make us some lunch and honey cake today?" She smelled the sweet smell of the flowers on the window ledge. The window faced out towards the street. She looked out the window and saw the street buzzing with many people and horses pulling carriges with people and items for sale. The sky was clear not a single cloud in the sky. It was such a beatiful day. "Sure dear. Maybe you could go for a picnic outside in the park. I could go wake up Aribas'tama and have her go with you. What do you think?" She finished washing the dishes and wiped her hands on her apron."That sounds like a great idea. Exept I don't want Aribas'tama to go. I think she had somthing to do today anyways." Jade looked in her room and saw Aribas'tama quietly sleeping on the funky round bed that her dad made for Aribas'tama. She looked around the room. Everything was in it's place. Good so she didn't have to clean her room today. She went into the kitchen and sat down at the table and her mom handed her a plate of eggs and bacon. Jade aate it quickly then went and sat on their front porch, and waited for Lyra
She waited for a few minutes and went inside to get some lemonade. "On a day as nice as this lemonade is perfect." She poured herself a glass and went back outside. She sat sipping the cool beverage and finally saw Lyra walking towards her holding a beautiful disturbling. Lyra said somthing to another woman but the woman didn't come over so Jade didn't bother to ask who it was. She set the glass of lemonade down and stoof up. "Hi!Im glad your here! My mom is gonna make some lunch for us. I even got her to make a honey cake. What do you think about going to the park for a picnic?" She loved to eat and a picnic would be awesome. "Sure i'd love to!" Jade giggled. "Both see your di and the picnic that is." Jade saw the pretty Di Lyra was holding and thought of  Rosette, Ta'om, and of corse Ashan'rai. "Hey Do you wanna see my two Di? I mostly own the devil's reject collection but realy Aribas'tama owns it but she says theyre mine too exept for one female but she is realy pretty and normally isnt around. But I have two Di at my house." She picked up a whistle that was on her neck it made a funky quiet sound but one Di came out from under the porch and the other came flying down from the roof. Jade pointed to the one running towards her. "That is Ta'om he is a herma-whatever you call it." The second Di flew down and landed on her soulder. "This is Rosette shes my female voodoo doll." She brushed a single feather of Rosette's wing. She adored Rosette's wings. "Theyre both in the devil's reject collection." She dug into her jacket pocket and pulled out some gross looking something in a little baggy and fed some to Rosette and ta'om and offerd the Di in Jade's arm some. Jade saw Lyra smile as her two di came out of their homes in the house. Lyra let down her di so it could eat the peice of food Jade gave it.   "This is Ly'onien, it's a Glass Case disturbling... and a hermaphrodite like To'am."  Lyra said   "It belongs to Seibeisina." Lyra pointed to a woman that was watching them from under a tree. "I can't wait till my mom makes the lunch so we can go." Jade watched the di eat. "Aribas'tama gave that stuff to me to feed the Di as treats. I don't know what it is though but most Di love it." She giggled as Rosette pulled at the curls of her hair. Aribas'tama came out onto the porch and stretched. "Good morning girls. It's great to see you Lyra. How have you been?" She walked down the porch steps on all four legs and nudged Ta'om with her nose and smiled. "Would you girls like to accompany me to the euclides theatre? I have heard There are some baby euclides being given out and being found all over the theatre. I don't know realy how and why but i heard a couple euclide talking about it yesterday and I wanted to set out to get one for us to raise. What do you think Jade?" Aribas'tama herself had been found at the euclide theatre by....Unikeaj. Aribas'tama missed him so much but did not want to see him."Well actualy me and Lyra were gonna go to the park for a picnic. Maybe we could go after that. What do you think Lyra?" The thought of a baby euclide made Jade so excited. She always wanted to raise a euclide. Jade saw Lyra turn and grin at the woman."Sure!  I found Sei there before! It was wonderful, all those bebe Euclides and she was so fluffy!"  Lyra giggled, as she turned back towards Jade  "We could even go now if you'd like!" Jade thought about it for a moment. "Ok but lets go to the park and have our picnic later. Then if you want we could have Seibeisina and Arias'tama come to the picnic." She smiled she loved to go do things with Aribas'tama and she was happy that they could all go do things together. Gosh, Jade thought to herself, I never had friends before and now I have a bunch of friends. "What do you think we'll have to do to find one? A baby euclide I mean."