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Zorva came from Euclide theatre

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Name: Aribas'tama (airy-baus' tah-mah)
Nickname: Zorva
ID: EU017F
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: Director
Breed: Feline
Type: Murder
Mutations: None
Accessories: None

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Craver ran in the shadows of the dark alleyways it was midnight dark as could be. Craver couldn't see at all but the smell of another helpless creature's fear pulled him towards the animal. San held on to Craver's hair on his back while craver ran through the alleyways. San didn't know what craver was running for or looking for, for that matter. Craver smelled that he was very near the creature and stopped running. Craver stalked along the brick walls looking every where for the thing he searched for. He stopped at the feet of a giant ogre. This craver laughed at because he had the ogre cornered. "You can never hide from me now...Where is my letter you were sent to deliver to me?" Craver ginned. "Here you are sir." The ogre handed him the letter. "I thought you weren't gonna make it because it seemed so late but i guess I can never doubt you."The ogre put on a small smile which quickly faded away. "I must be on my way now master calls me."  He bowed his head and walked away disapearing in the shadows. Craver let San open the letter for him and then read it aloud since Craver had never been able to read. San read out loud for Craver to hear:
         Meet me in the Copse tomorrow at sundown I 
         have a job for you.. one you will like alot but  bring 
         no one with you exept for that rat of yours. Oh
         and come prepared to fight but come looking like
         a decent animal dont come all dirty looking like
         you normally do. I put some coins in the envelope
         for you to get your self cleaned up."
Craver grinned. " Well come on San put the letter away and lets find some where to sleep for the night." Craver waited for San to put the letter in the envelope and count the coins in the letter. "There are sixteen coins master. That's enough to wash us both and also sleep at a inn." San put the money back in the letter and closed the fold of the envelope. Craver walked them out of the alley ways and headed towards the city square. San made disgusting sounds as they entered the crowd of humans. "Oh shut up they don't like you as much as you like them and your sounds are very irritating. If you don't want go then leave my back because where im going will be crowded with humans and if you want to go with me tommorrow humans are going to wash you understood?" Craver entered a building with a sign over the door that read  'INN'. Craver was showed to a room with one bed and a few other things Craver did not care to show interest in. San looked around. "Where's my bed?" San looked at the big bed. "Well you are to sleep under the covers and I shall curl up on the end of the bed." Craver looked at the maid that stood at their door. "When will dinner and breakfast be served?" he smiled as he looked at her scared face. "Dinner will be served in two or more hours in the dining room and break fast will be served in bed in the morning so what would you like for breakfast?" The lady pulled a tablet out of the pocket of her apron. "Well ask My friend San because I will not eat in the morning." Craver shook San off his back. "Umm I think I'd like anything meat that your serving." San watched as the lady wrote what he said on a piece of paper. "Have a bath ready for me and San and some one to wash and groom us, we have important business to attend to and its only instinct to look good for others. Have it ready in the morning." Craver jumped up onto the bed and  waited for the lady to leave. The maid nodded and left shutting the door behind her. San crawled up the blankets hanging on the floor and stopped at the top. "Well I'm going to get some sleep til dinner." San crawled over to the pillows and went under the blankets. Craver took this as a good idea and fell asleep as San had. In his sleep Craver was in a metal bar cage placed in the middle of a circus ring and humans in the crowd all stared they were all scared of Craver. "Why am I here I am no circus freak!" Craver banged against the walls of the cage bending them. Craver broke free and ran towards the man in the center of the ring. Craver jumped on him throwing him down and clawed at his middle tearing his insides out. Craver feasted upon his meaty figure as the crowd ran out of the stand and animals in the ring tried to escape some did not which craver feasted upon also. Craver woke to the sound of Sans voice calling his name. "Craver wake up its time for dinner!" San pushed at Craver's side. "All right I'm up ok." Craver stood up on the bed and stretched his back paws slipped off the bed making Craver fall to the floor. San rolled over in laughter. "Shut up! Before I feast upon you instead of my dinner." Craver stood up and stretched on the floor and then stood up eye level to the rat on the bed. "Yes master." San suddenly stopped laughing and jumped up onto craver's back. The two appeared in the dining room the only animals in the room except for human beings. They seated themselves at the table. Every one in the room stared at them. "Do you need something? If you don't I suggest you stop staring at us for you look no better!" Craver growled at the humans. Every one returned to their own business.  After San and Craver had finished eating they went back to their room and went to sleep again until morning. Craver dreamt the same dream again but instead of starting over again it continued from where he had left off. When Craver awoke the sun was showing through the windows and a maid was knocking on the door. "Come in. San wake up its time for your food." Craver laid his head down on  the bed. San crawled out of the covers and watched as the maid brought in the raw meat for him. Craver waited for San to finish eating and called the maid back in. Craver and San were washed and groomed looking as best as they could. When they were done they went to the main room and paid for the night they spent and the food they ate. San climbed onto Craver's back and they exited the inn and walked through the city square and went straight to the Copse. There they met the man who had wrote the letter and had paid for their place at the inn. Craver walked towards him. "Craver at your service Mr. Ryted." Craver nodded his head. "Welcome Unikeaj. Now we shall begin." Ryted motioned to an ogre as the beast held a small man, who kicked and struggled to get out from his grasp. "Let me go!"The man bit the ogre and the ogre laughed. "This man has been spying on me for some time we decided to give him a chance we shall let him go in the maze at Onyx park while you track him down. If you catch him you may do what ever you like kill him eat him torture him use your imagination and you shall be paid a great deal of money and you can have my windmill for I am moving. If you don't find him within two hours he can be let free and you wont be payed but you can still have my windmill for the other jobs you have done for me in the past." Ryted laughed under his black cape Craver had not ever seen him without it he didn't know what he looked like without it. The man was let go and craver went in after a while. Craver easily tracked down the human and killed him slowly and painfully. Craver had chewed on his wrist for a while and cut into his main artery. The man laid there motionless while Craver and San chewed upon his flesh they returned dragging the mans body. Ryted laughed. "Well thanks for the remaining of him but I dont want it. Any way I heard that there are cubs without casts around The euclide theatre maybe you should go there and find one for yourself." A few days later Craver and San both appeard at the euclide theatre and talks to the owners Alec and Emily asking about the castless cubs. The two owners offer him to have one. "Sounds good to me master." San said into Craver's ear. Craver accepted the baby and promised to take care of one.

I push my fingers into my eyes...
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache...
But it's made of all the things I have to take...
Jesus, it never ends, it works it's way inside...
If the pain goes on...

I have screamed until my veins collapsed
I've waited as my time's elapsed
Now, All I do is live with so much fate
I've wished for this, I've bitched at that
I've left behind this little fact:
You cannot kill what you did not create
I've gotta say what I've gotta say
And then I swear I'll go away
But I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise
I guess I'll save the best for last
My future seems like one big past
You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice

I push my fingers into my eyes
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache
If the pain goes on,
I'm not gonna make it!

Put me back together
Or separate the skin from bone
Leave me all the Pieces, then you can leave me
Tell me the reality is better than the dream
But I found out the hard way,
Nothing is what it seems!

I push my fingers into my eyes
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache
But it's made of all the things I have to take
Jesus, it never ends, it works it's way inside
If the pain goes on,
I'm not gonna make it!

All I've got...all I've got is insane...
All I've got...all I've got is insane...
All I've got...all I've got is insane!
All I've got...all I've got is insane!

I push my fingers into my eyes
It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache
But it's made of all the things I have to take
Jesus, it never ends, it works it's way inside
If the pain goes on,
I'm not gonna make it!