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A home of hope

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Flare's Galaxy

Feoraptors are adopted from Ayanula

Flare's Galaxy's story
 You stare in disbeleif as you stand beside a feoraptor as he stares at the sky."Do not be afraid I will not harm you unless you harm me."The feoraptor looked away from the night sky and down at you.You stumble back a bit ."I uh......I....... wont hurt me?"You stutter your words out unable to think before you speak."No I will not hurt you."The feoraptor sits down and looks at you."I am Flare's Galaxy but you may call me Galaxy."Galaxy smiles and you sit next to him and stare at his pointy teeth."Why are you staring at the sky?"You look up to see what hes looking at but see nothing than the usual stars and moon."I like looking at the stars and somtimes name them I have waited all day somtimes dozing off while waiting for the night sky so I can name them and be in wonder and amazment as they shine."Galaxy looked at you then back at the sky."May I help you name them out?"You look at Galaxy."Sure I would like that very very much I realy dont get that much company so..that would be realy nice that star right there I have named Leila meaning born during night."You look at the star and think.As you name the stars with Galaxy you fall asleep to his voice.When you wake up you find yourself at home and no sign of Galaxy

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Name: Flare's Galaxy
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Genetics: ee::TT::gg::HH::mM
Notes: He's very interested in the night sky. So much so, that he falls asleep during the day to watch the sky and ponder it and its infinate space. He absolutely loves stars and delights in making his own constillations, despite the fact there are already some that are very well known.